foal (n.)
a young horse or related animal.

verb [no obj.]
(of a mare) give birth to a foal.
(be foaled) (of a foal) be born.

in (or with) foal (of a mare) pregnant.

In Swedish folklore a 'mare' or 'nightmare' (mara) is an evil spirit or goblin that rides upon people's chests while they sleep, resulting in bad dreams ('nightmares').

The mare is attested as early as early as in the Norse "Ynglinga saga" from the 13th century. Here, King Vanlandi Sveigoisson of Uppsala lost his life to a nightmare (mara)conjured by the Finnish sorceress Huld or Hulda, hired by the king's abandoned wife Drifa. The king had broken his promise to return within three years, and after ten years had elapsed the wife engaged the sorceress to either lure the king back to her, or failing that, to assassinate him. Vanlandi had scarcely gone to sleep when he complained that the nightmare "rode him;" when the men held the king's head it "trod on his legs" to the point of breaking, and when the retinue then "seized his feet" the creature fatally "pressed down on his head"

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